Luigi B


Theatre for a research,teathre of Absurd,Self produced theatre,*in progress Studies according to Actor's Studio Method

CLASSIC literature adaptations

Former/Master Teacher Drama Englisg Language

born in  Brooklyn,n.y.(usa)*

High School Diploma Classical Studies,1990 Liceo Classico in Republic of San Marino

A two year via Mail Course  for Comical Strips Authors C.I.D Rimini.Italy, 1990-1992, ManGa Language specialisation

Modern European Language Degree-English,Français,NihonGo(University of Urbino,Italy.1996)-American Language and Literature degree thesis :''Sherwood Anderson and his idea of  provincialismo in‘Winesburg,Ohio’''

Two year Specialisation Course for Teaching Qualification(Senior thesis:] English Language),Dipartimento della Formazione dell‘Università di San Marino,Republic of San Marino.1999-2001

Master Course-Youth desease prevention treatments and defuturizzazione,2000-2001(Masre thesis:schoolclass mobbing),dipartimento della Formazione dell’Università di San Marino.Republic of San Marino.

Acting for movies Academy ‘Roberto de Laurentiis’(working path on Richard III-W.Shakespeare,Inferno-Divina Commedia-D.Alighieri;language diction,Comedy of Art)-Master formers:Caterina Spadaro,A.Bonifacio,2007/2008-acted as ‘’the foreigner’’ in shortmovie ‘Gelato!’(directed by f.Zed,acting coach by Caterina Spadaro)

 Actor’s Studio Strasberg Method,Michael Margotta. Susan Batson*in progress

 John Strasberg Realist Method*in progress



Impro acted show actor and co.director in CINDERELLIS AND THE CRYSTAL HILL,a novel by Gail Carson Levine.A dramawork for kids in co.operation with KIWANIS associated in San Marino.Themes based on tolerance and no discrimation on gendre varieties in tastes,habits,gaming.

Masterclass co.coaching Method acting at academy school Dreamroom,San Marino

Direction,coaching for actors in two public scenes taken from METTI UNA SERA A CENA,1969.Italian movie directed by Patroni/Griffi


Actor and director for a duo in DICK WhITTiNGTON AND HIS CAT classic fairy tale adaptation for all ages.Impro acted show FOR ME(AND MY CAT)

Director,coach,script editor with Fabrizio Raggi for ME(IN A XMAS BOX)school of acting mediumlenght movie



Master of Dramatis Method acting art with Fabrizio Raggi,actor at art schhol DreamRoom,San Marino


Master class ,intensive/Gillian Hobart,dancer.Body and rhytm for special bodies education.Rimini at La casa del teatro e della danza,school owned by Claudio Gasparotto,dancer

Co.dramatis art Method acting masterclass coach at DreamRoom academy dealed by me and Fabrizio Raggi


Co.director with director/actor Fabrizio Rggi in DreamRoom Art School based on Dramatis Art

Ended shottinf for A LONELY PLACE,as main character Thomas.Acted in English.Directed by D.Montecchi for MecLimone private society.


Started schoolyear 2014/15 at Prymary as anEnglish Language Specialist

Started shooting IN A LONELY PLACE movie as dealing character Thomas,directed by D.Montecchi for MecLimone Society/acted in English


Male dealing role in THE DISTANT-A small film about connections experimental movie directed by  Finnish  visual artist Ingibjorg Magnadottir for little nations cultural project LITTLE CONSTELLATIONS REPUBLIC OF SAN MARINO

Body and breath Seminar run by director MAMADOU DIOUME,Rome at Teatro Senza Tempo Drama Academy


-tv movies&theatre talkshow as generic set,Sanmarino Radiotelevision channel RTV-"Una serata sul Titano",introducing directors Lina Wertmuller and Pupi Avati.Presented by Pippo Baudo.

Drama English Master at Primary School in San Marino September-June

''La bandiera ritrovata''/refound flag-movie,as an Italian Soldier,Directed by Philippe Macina /May

Acting Method presentation,''Tutto o niente''/everything,or nothing-in a duo with actor Fabrizio Raggi and phsycolgists /March

Teaching English to young Learners ,University of Urbino Italy.Seminar held by professor Rowena Coles.March

Intensive Seminar Lingue Senza Frontiere within Italian Board of Education,teaching English to Primary learners to acting,singing,gaming February


December-Xmas show ''La panchina''*the bench,as a duo with actor F.Raggi

Intensive Seminar with casting director Stefania de Sanctis,working on A street car named Desire by Tennessee Williams

November/moonologue from K.Houssein book on World day against violence on women Diected by actor F,Raggi

October-December Master of English at Sanmarinese Association of Football eferrees

August 26th=30th Intensive Seminar with Master John Strasberg,working on Purposal of a Marriage by Anton CheckovSeptember2012-June 2013. Drama School Club,Primary School.Basing on Centro Studi Eriksson’s Former Mario di Pietro.On emotional gaming,on roles,on both emotional and physical control..

July Intensive Seminar directed by American actress Susan Batson,Rome at Movie Machine acting school

Drama English Master at Primary School  for THIRD,Fourth,Fifth grades..

March 2013-Performance ‘’He Exists!!!’’,based on classical  James Berrie masterpieces,the Peter Pan saga author.

April 2013-Performance’’The Narnia Chronicles’’,from C.S.Lewis classic novels.

May 2013-Theatre presenter  at Sanmarinese‘’Spelling Bee Contest’’,adapted from American Spelling National Contest on  English Vocabulary at Primary School,Teatro Concordia,Republic of San Marino. Direzione Scuole Elementari Advocacy

July 2013- Intensive week  Actor's Studio Method study,directed by Susan Batson.Rome,Italy.

              -Master Class Giancarlo Giannini,actor-acting on camera.Rome @MovieMachine acting school

August 2013- intensive week Actor’s Studio Realist Method ,directed by John Strasberg

How to use Interactive WhiteBoard Courses,in progress


July 16th-24th -Workshop and Performance ‘’Dimensions through the Looking Glass’’,inspired by Lewis Carrol’s original classic tales-within ‘’Tempo d’Estate’’,Ufficio Attivita’ Sociali e Culturali Republic of San Marino Advocacy.Direction,script,actor  and training coach for  12-14 year olds. Acted as Lewis Carrol.

August,5.-Open Class Nobel Prize Dario Fo,at ‘’Giovani Saperi dello S.M.I.A.F.’’,Summer Sanmarinese Festival for Young Art Talent to come out.

September-Poetry Festival in Bologna,Italy.Acted reading in English of translated poem written by  Milena Ercolani,Cultural Ambassador at  Universum Switzerland for Republic of San Marino

September-Intensive Seminar for Cooperative Learning


Establisment a State English Language Teacher,currently within Primary School

February-June:Study on‘’MacBeth’’ by W.Skakespeare,on original script by  Teatro Stabile di Genova at Teatro Senza Tempo,Rome.Italy.Directed by G.M.Buzzatti,supervised by A.Nobili.

June The Michail Cechov Acting Tecnique,Concentration Imagination Dynamic Space Actor’s Body directed by Marjolein Bars-Amsterdam,Lenard Petit-New York,Liz Shipman-San Diego,Associazione Culturale Banyan Teatro,Universita’ degli Studi di Bologna,Mulino di Amleto-Rimini.Italy

July Workshop and Performance ‘’Daddy Long Legs’’from Classical novel by   Jean Webster,within‘’Tempo d’Estate’,’ Ufficio Attivita’ Sociali e Culturali Republic of San Marino Advocacy.Direction,script,training for 12-14 year olds.

July Workshop Acting for tv-fiction seriala directed by Tony Sperandeo,MovieMachine Produzioni,Cinecitta’,Rome.Italy.

September-Intensive Updating for Masters of English as Second Language,British School.Rimini,Italy.

October Recital in English Language,poem.From Poetry Anthology ''Chrysalis'' by Milena Ercolani,Cultural Ambassador at Universum Switzerland  for  San Marino.


May Shortmovie ''Ruggine'',acting as ‘’Torturer’’.With Yoon Cometti Joyce,ItalianKhorean Actor.Direction followed by Universita' del Sacro Cuore di Milano students.Milan,Italy.

Workshop-directed Theatre Workshop  Ufficio Attivita' Sociali e Culturali, Republic of San Marino Advocacy.Direction,training,script and performing''Little Men,Little Women'' from original classic masterpieces by Louisa May Alcott.English Language.

July-Animation and Team Building,Novara.Italy.With clown Beppe Chirico.English Language.

August Bellaria,Rimini.Italy.Lectura Dantis,coordinated by Teatro Elsinore.

September-June 2011 Master of English as Second Language ,Primary School

December-Drama English Master,Primary School.Performance''A Christmas Carol'',from Charles Dickens’ Classic and‘’Romeo and Juliet’’by W.Shakespeare.Direction,training,script for a yearly Fifth grade..


Coordinating /Teaching at Evening Language School for Adults,Republic of San Marino.Segreteria alla Cultura,Politiche ed Attività Giovanili Republic of San Marino Advocacy

Events Tourist Animator at  Italia in Miniatura Park,Rimini-playing as  Leonardo da Vinci,inventor and English Romeo Montague.Directed by clown Beppe Chirico

Show-Animation''Halloween Party'',Italia in Miniatura Park.Directed by Beppe Chirico.

Direction,script,training for show ''Cynderellis''.Adaptation from work of parody to fable stories by American author L.Carson.Advocacy of Ufficio Attivita' Sociali e Culturali,San Marino.12/14 year old acting pupilsi.In English Language

Direction,Script,Training,Performing show ''As you like it'',from original Classic work by W.Shakespeare.14-16 year old acting pupils.In English Language, Ufficio Segreteria alla Cultura di San Marino Advocacy

Intensive Seminar directed by Michael Margotta,Actor-s Studio Method


Coordinater/teaching at Evening Language School  for Adult Learners,San Marino.Advocacy of Segreteria alla Cultura

Interpretero,secretary,Consultance c/o  Civil Aviation Office Corporation, Republic of Saint Marino

Acting at the Movies ‘Roberto de Laurentiis’ Academy,Rome/Italy

Shortmovie-''gelato!'*ice cream!*'-directed by F.Cavallo Zed,as a foreign tourist

Direction,script,training,show ''it-s..Mumbo Jumbo'',as 'unicorn Mumbo Jumbo.Advocacy of Ufficio Segreteria alla Cultura,San Marino

Role-game animActor with 14-16 anni English Language acting learners,as a laggar Scottish explorer - Dipartimento formazione Universita' San Marino advocacy


Coordinating/teaching Evening Language School for Adult learners,San Marino. Ufficio Segreterie alla Cultura Advocacy

Yearly study Canto leggero/easy pop singing and performance-’I’ll be there’-M.Jackson,with Italian singer E.Cataneo

‘A xmas occasion‘'training, direction ,performance in English Language with Jumior High School Learners

Dedicato a donna Felicita-le storie dellas comunità,atto terzo-supervisor and director actress E.Bucci,theatrical company of Atto Oscuro(as a tennis player).Ufficio Attivita' Socilai e Culturali Advocacy,San Marino

Direction,training and performance ‘’Romeo and Juliet’’12-14 actors.Ufficio Attivita' Sociali e Culturali,San Marino Advocacy


Monologue.Written,self directed and played. ‘Osuke’(a Jap-ItalianAmerican man dealing crisis with his triple identity)

''Citta' del Sonno'',experimental performance directed by Elena Bucci and Compagnia Belle Bandiere.Russi di Ravenna,Palace of San Giacomo-Italy

Inferno,Divine Comedy(self-produced performance,direction and scripts coproduced withTeatro della Clavicola)-as an experimental Virgil

‘Dedicato a Donna felicita-Le storie della Comunità,atto II-(directed by'Compagnia dell'Atto Oscuro)as an Italian severe father in Italy,in the 50s.Ufficio Attivita' Sociali e Culturali,San Marino Advocacy

School Show for charity-monologue,’Dai diari di un supplente di carriera’*from a professional substitute teacher diaries*,tragicomical reading.Self directed on own script.Ufficio Segreteria alla Cultura,San Marino Advocac

Generic Set at tv shows for rai-mediaset channels,including''Top of the Pops''

English Language teaching to adult learners at Evening Language School for Adult Learners,San Marino.


Coordinater-Teacher at scuola di Evening Language School for Adult Learners,San Marino-Segreterie alla Cultura Advocacy

Artmix 2005-Commercial for San Marino radio e tv(public exhibition of contemporary music,arts,movie workshops)Ufficio Attivita’Sociali e Culturali Advocacy,San Marino

English pills to survive-Radio indipendente 98.9, live presentation of daily events via radio-station

School benefit show-a parody from ‘Sister Act’,as Father Gigi,direction,actor training of choir. Segreteria alla Cultura,San Marino Advocacy


‘English pills to survive’,indie radio 98.9-in the daily role of an absurd English professor having a n absolute no-English speaker pupul aside

School benefit show-’quale futuro?*which future?*’,as an adolescent arty son fighting toward Mom and Dad in attrito. Segreterie alla Cultura of Republic of San Marino Advocacy

Agar:il peso di una sconfitta,*Agar,weight of being defeated*selfproduction-on script written by V.Muratori,as biblic Abramo-Abraham.Autoproduzione Cooperativa Culturale ‘il Macello’*indie cultural corporation

‘Dedicato a Donna Felicita-Le storie della Comunità’-as Tyrone Power.Patrocinio Ufficio Attivita’ Sociali e Culturali Advocacy,directed by ‘Atto Oscuro’theatre company

Figurante generico trasmissioni tv rai-mediaset


English Language teacher at private social cultural centre inRimini,Emilia Romagna.’Casa Pomposa’.

Coordinater,interpreter,Italian Language teacher and tourist guide for Soggiorni culturali Sanmarinesi residenti all’Estero(Usa,francia,Argentina,Brasile)*Cultural monthly stay for people who migrated abroad from San Marino,US France Argentina Brazil-Segreterie affari Esteri,San Marino Advocacy

‘Il sapere vola alto’*Knowledge flies high*,school benefit show-as bond to degrre student dealing with a crisis concerning his past school experiences.Segreterie alla Cultura,San Marino Advocacy

‘L’anziano..dimenticato..?’*Elderly ones..forgotten?*-teatro dell’Oppresso.Theatrical group ‘teatro Forum’ and cultural corporation Giolli from Turin.,as an extremely busy yong son ,never present at family important matters. .Show included in in –Tanti modi di fare teatro’*Many ways to do at theatre*,theatrical exhihibit. Ufficio Attivita’ Sociali e Culturali,San Marino Advocacy

English teacher at any level and grade of education,substitute teacher


Touring Animator for different touring companies in Emilia Romagna

Generic set for tv shows on Mediaset channels,Italy.Forum-Buona Domenica

‘Un monologo da.. Trainspotting’*Amonologue from Trainspotting for ‘’Tanti modi di fare Teatro’’,Ufficio Attivita’ Sociali e Culturali Advocacy

English teacher at any level and grade of education,substitute teacher


Theatre of absurde selfproduction,indie theatre company ‘Personae solvantur’-"quel che è,e dopo c’è"*what that is,and there is next*,as Essere/non Essere*as the concept of TOBE/NOT TO BE)

‘E noi bevemmo pioggia,d’estate..’*and we drank..summer rain*(theatre of figure and absurde,as a pigeon on a citysquare),selfproducedCooperativa Culturale ‘il Macello’

Replays-’sguardi sul presente’*eyes on current times*,irreverent theatre.Cooperativa Culturale’il Macello’

Englias teacher at any level and grade of education,substitute teacher


‘Nostalgia dei Sensi‘*nostalgic about senses-based on scripts of philosopher Nietzche(as a mime),script of V.Muratori

‘A Vincent Van Gogh’*to Vincent Van Gogh*-as the player of letters to the Artist to his brother ,Theo

Journalist/interviewer election campaign,San Marino rtv-self production experiences at Cooperativa Culturale ‘il Macello’,San Marino

English teacher at any level and grade of education,substitute teacher

Generic set for  rai-tv channels,Italy


TEATRO DI CRITICA SOCIALE*theatre of social criticism(…1999)

Self produced

at indie cultural corporations ‘il macello’,’Don Chisciotte’,San Marino(1999)

Codirection and script corrector-’sguardi sul presente’*eyes on current times*(as the concept of Bellezza *Beauty*in modern times and dancer), ‘irreverent’theatre

English teacher at any level and grade of education(private,state,social centre)

Via mail school for comic strip designers,specialized at comunicative strenght in ‘manga’




Realist Acting Method,John Strasberg Master/in progress

L.Strasberg Method from Acto's Studio M.Margotta/Susan Batson

Intensive Seminar Casting Director Edoardo Scata',Rome

Intensive Seminar Director Aurelio Grimaldi*Mary per sempre,*Ragazzi fuori Movies

Intensive workshop Expressive dance Butoh,Master Iwana Maski,2010

Intensive Seminar-Silvia Pasiello,actress/Pier Giorgio Giacche' anthropologist/Bruna Filippi,historical:Oratory ro Crmelo Bene,technique of a listening voice,Teatro Dimora di Mondaino 2010

Study on charachter of Romeo Montague at School Theatre in English Language,Morciano di Romagna,Italy

Intensive Seminar with actor Michael Margotta,a study on Orlando by EWilliam Shakespeare

Seminar for THeatre at School,texts from Gianni Rodari,master actor Giampiero Pizzol,Bologna 2008

Intensive Seminar for singing,singer Michele Luooi Rimini 2007

A traing for Animactors,clown actor Beppe Chirico 2007

A yearly  tai chi chuan course 2006

Theatre Dance,master Gian Carlo Rossi 2006

Experimental study on characters in Wizard of Oz-theatrical company Fanny and Alexander

Script taken into acting seminar,actor GianCarlo Sessa,2006

Study on searching own clown ,actress M    irella Treves 2006

A study on characters in Le grand guignol cycle ,actor Marco Cavicchioli 2006

Expressive Indian Dance Barathanatyan intensive stage 2006

All through Summer intensive Seminar with actress Elena Bucci 2006

Theatre dance with dancer Francesco Scavetta 2004

Theatre workshop with Teatro dell'Oppresso,Genoa

Workshop''una testa per pensare'',a mind to think about it*Bologna 2001,within University MasterClass Cura alla Prevenzione del disagio giovanile*Treatment to current youthful desease

Contemporary dance class Arabesque school Rimini D.Baldazzi ,master

other activities

In progress,working on characters and scripts with a selfproduced acting duo project“Se ci misuriamo le altezze”*Measuring our height*,experimental plot from japanese classic Takekurabe by .

Primary School English Language teaching ‘through drama’(in progress 2010-2014)

Interactive whiteboard courses  especially for approaching learners to English Language

Hobbies and interests

Water sports Volleyball

Comical Strips Animated cartoons

Reusing ''out of contex''t materials



International Classic Literature

Drawing comical Strips


Ricycling paper to make other objects from,especially scene things

Cats,wild cats,animals in general

Vegetarian diet

Zen philosophiies

Spoken Languages

English Italian French,Japanese Language as a Starter/Elementary Level of Learning


Segreterie alla Cultura,Affari Sociali Republic of San Marino

Ufficio Attivita’ Sociali e Culturali,Republic of San Marino

Primary School Boarding,Republic of San Marino