After a brilliant career playing a leading role on the catwalks of the most prestigious fashion shows interpreting the most representative brands of Italian Haute Couture (Gianfranco Ferrè is the most famous example), Rita Axon decided to start up a new career-path opening her own agency.

Rita Axon Agency's concept started with the idea of creating a "boutique" where to skillfully mix some ingredients and all of them are still existing nowadays: dynamism, deep attention in following the customer’s requests, careful choice of the artists and - last but not least- every single event is tailor-made.

These results have been achieved through a strict selection of collaborators. The creation of a cooperative brilliant and professional team was the most important challenge which has been faced with commitment, dedication, energy and inspiration.

Her main source of inspiration is a very special woman, Rita’s mother.

Although she is no longer physically present, her spiritual imprint is always touchable. Her mother’s teachings allowed her to establish a strong relationship with her co-workers and clients based on mutual respect, professionalism and humanity, playing all together like the instruments of an orchestra.

Many Italian and international famous brands recognized these competencies and have decided to rely on Rita Axon Agency’s services for many years.

Besides this, Rita Axon Agency is also innovation, research and new ideas. Updated and constant studies are fundamental in the current show business and represent the only way to offer brilliant and unforgettable attractions, as well as prominent artists.

Rita Axon never stopped investing on these aspects with the same commitment and passion which distinguished her career from the very beginning. And everything is done in order to reach her first goal: the customer satisfaction.